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- SUNSWISS Infrared Heating Systems -
Revolutionary Saving and Naturally Healthy Heating!

The most efficient and healthiest way to heat your home, office, studio, shop
or mobile home.

Sunswiss Systems is the main Irish and UK supplier of elegant, ultra-slim Sunswiss infrared heating panels, renowned across the world for their exclusive and stylish design, high quality and low power consumption.

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Why Sunswiss Infrared Heaters?

Cheap to run
with Sunswiss Infrared Heating Panels you can heat a room from as little as 5c / 4p per hour. Small Panel requires only 300W of electricity , the average cost to use 1 KW of electricity is 15c / 13p per it's 10 times less electricity then any normal plug in electric heater takes!

Healthier for you
infrared heating improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and it is known to be beneficial in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Healthier for your family
infrared heating prevents the development of mould and damp in any room. It does not dehydrate the air and doesn't generate the dust. Also because they don't dry out sinuses or your airway they help reduce the suffering of those with various allergies.

Easy to install
our heating panels run on electricity so nothing needs to be installed - just plug it in and get warm and cosy!

Safe alternative heat source
eliminate or reduce your dependency on increasingly expensive oil and gas.

Modern and Stylish
Sunswiss Ultra-slim Panels can also fit into your home without being noticed, for example the Black Glass Panels when fitted to a wall looks just like a flat screen TV or you can organise to have a Standard White Panel become a family photo or professional picture that you enjoy, therefore you can heat and decorate a room at once.

Intelligent Heating
There are 3 types of Thermostats available so you have complete control of the temperature of the room and the time you need them on! Also you can use Sunswiss Standard White Panel as a normal freestanding plug in heater.

Sunswiss Small Panel (300Watts)
costs you less then 5c / 4p an hour and covers up to 5m2

Sunswiss Medium Panel (600 Watts)
costs you less then 10c / 8.5p an hour and covers up to 9m2

Sunswiss Large Panel (900 Watts)
costs you less then 15c / 13p an hour and covers up to 17m2

* 1 KW costs 0.15c / 13p per hour average and prices are approximate

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Heating Panels for Every Room

Wall panell

In contrast to conventional radiators Sunswiss Infrared heating panels do not heat the air, instead the warmth generated by the Panels is gently absorbed by the objects within the room such as the walls, the furniture, and also the bodies of the people or animals who inhabit them, providing a comfortable level of warmth. The warm walls also prevent the development of any dampness or mould. The 2.5cm thin casing of our ultra-slim and elegant Panels can be placed almost anywhere in a room, including the ceiling, and can be wall hung or free standing. The gentle radiation of infrared heat should not be confused with aggressive UV radiation. Indeed, the positive effect of infrared heat has found numerous successful applications in the field of medicine.

Sunswiss Heated Mirrors

Bathroom panel

The Sunswiss heated mirrors has the heater incorporated into the mirror and is therefore discreet as well as decorative. Also, the safety glass at the front of the unit is splash proof and will not steam up, resulting in a bathroom mirror that is always clear and does not require wiping. The room will warm up within minutes and will begin to feel warm and cosy even at a room temperature of 18°C. The initial investment and running costs are very low. Since there is no wear and tear, there are no maintenance costs to worry about. The heated mirrors are quick and easy to install.